SEO Optimised Amazon Listings & Product Descriptions

Do you need a product description writer? Do you need help with your Amazon SEO strategy? I offer product description writing services for Amazon and other platforms.

What are the Benefits?


If you want to get ahead on Amazon it's important to do good key word research and have SEO optimised Amazon listings. Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces with thousands of products. When you sell on Amazon your products are right next to your competitors, many categories have fierce competition. If you don't have the correct key words in your Amazon listings, it will be difficult for customers to find your products.

Mattress Topper Description for Amazon US (American English)

I conducted key word research to find the most searched terms on Amazon for the product. I also looked at the competition for each key word and conducted competitor research. I wrote the product descriptions, encorporating several key words into the listing. I ensured the word limit met Amazon's specifications. I provided: the product title, 5 bullet points for the product detail page and the longer description below. I provided a HTML version of the longer description so that formatting, spaces and bold text would display on Amazon. 

Mattress Pad 2.png
Mattress Pad.png

Amazon is a competitive marketplace and the product description can mean the difference between your ideal customer buying your product or your competitors. Persuasive sales copy and adequate product information is essential to compel potential customers to take action. If you are an Amazon seller or just starting out on Amazon you need sales copy that converts. 


The product descriptions I provide are well researched and take into account the customers buying intent. Potential customers want product descriptions that speak to them in a language they can understand and resonate with. For this reason it is so important to consider the target customer and the type of language they use in the product description. 


An SEO optimised description will help your products rank higher on Amazon and get found in the search results. It is certainly worth the investment to spend less money on Amazon Ads in the long run. 


Already have a product description? If you are looking for an Amazon description editor, you have come to the right place! I can take your existing product description and edit it to meet Amazon's strict requirements. I can also SEO optimise the listing, focusing on keywords specifically for ranking on Amazon. 

Lunch Box Cards Description for Amazon US (American English)

Lunch Box Cards 2.png
Lunch Box Cards.png

Beach Towels Amazon US (American English)

Bath towels 3.png