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What are the 2020 Etsy ODR guidelines? How the Etsy changes will affect your business on Etsy UK

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Several Etsy changes have come about in the last year, one of which was the new Etsy ODR ratings. This affects all sellers across Etsy, including those on Etsy UK. Etsy are following in the footsteps of Amazon by making their customer service standards more stringent. These new rules apply across the board on Etsy to both hobbyists and large stores. Large stores will be the most affected on Etsy UK because they are more likely to get complaints or negative reviews due to the sheer number of orders they process. If you have a large store on Etsy, you need to stay on top of your game more than ever before to keep your customer service ratings in check. 

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ODR stands for Order Dissatisfaction Rate, this relates to your customer service level and it is monitored by Etsy for all shops. If you are an Etsy seller, it’s important to stay informed about this so you can best look after the health of your Etsy store. Stores that don’t meet the requirements can be shut down. 

As an Etsy seller you are expected to maintain a high level of customer service. To Etsy this means an ODR level of 1% or lower. Things that could trigger a low ODR score are reviews from customers of two stars or less and cases opened against you by customers. It is important to note that cases that were opened by a buyer against you but immediately closed and/ or resolved still count towards your ODR rating. This is the same for low star reviews that are later altered by customers.

Your shop could be at risk if you have 3 reviews of 2 stars or less since you opened or you have had 2 cases opened against you in the last 60 days.

If your shop is put on monitoring you will receive a warning email from Etsy customer service and have 90 days to correct your ODR rating. Etsy advises sellers to maintain excellent customer service in order to improve your ODR rating. This means resolving queries in a timely manner and making sure customers are happy so that they do not open cases against you or leave negative reviews. 

Some sellers are now sending messages to customers before items are likely to arrive to clarify delivery and dispatch times and avoid cases being opened against them. This is particularly of concern around the Christmas period when orders arriving late can cause a lot of inconvenience. Make sure your estimated delivery times are clear on your listings to avoid any confusion to buyers. 

If a buyer requests a refund, in light of the new rules sellers are likely to need to immediately refund to prevent a case being opened against them or a poor review. Fast and open communication with your customers is paramount to ensure your customer service level is up to the standard. Descriptions on your listings must be accurate and it is a good idea to send international orders with tracking to avoid disputes. You can also download the Etsy app on your phone to stay on top of messages and queries from customers.

Please see this article on the Etsy website for further information about the new ODR rules

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