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5 eBay Selling Tips for New eBay Sellers

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Are you new to selling on eBay or starting up an eBay business? Here are my 5 top tips for selling on eBay. These 5 eBay selling tips will help you navigate the eBay platform and get you started on your seller journey.

1. Increase your seller level: eBay monitors your sales history and customer service, they use this to determine your seller rating. As a new eBay seller you want to work towards improving your seller rating. Increasing your seller rating will help you to rank higher in the search results on eBay. It will also help you gain trust from potential buyers on eBay because they know you have high customer service standards. There are three seller levels, Below Standard, Above Standard and Top Rated Seller.

2. Avoid getting defects on your eBay account: If your customer service does not meet eBay's requirements it will result in a defect on your eBay account. Defects are bad because they count towards your seller rating and can prevent you from becoming a Top Rated seller. One of the most common mistakes new eBay sellers make is they don’t know that running out of stock can cause a defect on your eBay account. If a buyer purchases an item from you and you can’t fulfil the order due to being out of stock it will result in a defect on your eBay account. To avoid this you need to make sure you monitor your stock levels carefully.

Buyers can open cases against you on eBay if they are not satisfied that their problem has been resolved. This results in eBay stepping in to resolve the issue. If a buyer opens a case against you on eBay and the case is closed without a resolution this can result in a defect. Examples would be if the buyer claims they have not received the item or it is not as you described it on the listing. In these cases you need to make sure the case gets resolved e.g. the buyer is refunded or you have sufficient proof to counter the buyer’s claims.

It is generally better to refund the buyer to ensure your eBay account stays in good standing and you don’t get a defect. eBay will side with the buyer in most cases so be aware of this. To avoid getting “not as described” defects make sure you photograph the item carefully and include any faults or marks clearly on the listing description.

3. Prevent cases being opened against you: The best way to protect your seller rating is to prevent cases from getting opened against you in the first place. You can do this by responding promptly to buyer queries and having good communication with your buyers. If a buyer is not able to contact you or they find you difficult to deal with, they are likely to go over your head to eBay and open a case. If the buyer finds you co-operative and helpful then they will likely be happy to resolve the matter with you and there will be no need to go to eBay and open a case.

4. Use tracked shipping: It is best practice on eBay to use tracked or signed for shipping for your products. This protects you as a seller because if the buyer claims they have not received the item you can upload proof to eBay that the item was delivered. This will result in the case being resolved in your favour. If a buyer claims they have not received an item and you do not have proof of delivery, eBay will always side with the buyer and you will get a defect on your account. It’s important to note that proof of postage is not sufficient. You must have proof of delivery in the form of a signature or tracking number that clearly shows the item was delivered to the buyers address.

The only time that tracked shipping would not necessarily be appropriate is if you are selling very low value items. In this case it may be that tracked shipping would be more expensive than the price of the product. Most sellers in this position will use standard shipping and refund buyers immediately for the few that go missing. Due to the item being very low value it is not so much of an issue if a few go missing so they just absorb the hit to their profits.

5. Make sure your shipping times are accurate: Late shipments can harm your seller rating. For this reason you need to make sure you are selecting the correct shipping services and handling times on all your listings. If items are consistently arriving days later than the estimated delivery time this is going to cause you a problem. It is always better to have your handling time set to slightly longer than it needs to be so that your estimated delivery times are not too short. You also need to make sure you mark the item as shipped on Ebay within your agreed handling time.

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