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The Latest Etsy Shipping Policy 2020 | Etsy News 2020

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Have you heard the latest Etsy news for 2019 - 2020? The Etsy shipping policy changed on the 30th July 2019. Etsy began offering priority placement in the search results to Etsy shops that offer free shipping to US buyers. Etsy is following in the footsteps of Ebay and Amazon with their emphasis on encouraging sellers to offer free shipping. Etsy has studied buyer behaviour and found that customers are more likely to buy items that offer free shipping. As Etsy continues to grow in a competitive market it has to keep up with other market place giants. With the large majority of items on both Amazon and Ebay offering free shipping, Etsy is likely concerned about shoppers being turned off by shipping charges on their platform. There have been several changes to the platform in the last year including the free shipping push, improvements in usability and more stringent customer service policies. 

Offering free shipping to US buyers on orders over $35 will give you priority placement in Etsy’s algorithm. If you want to keep up with other sellers on Etsy and ensure your sales don’t take a nose dive, there is no alternative but to offer the free shipping. 

To make this easier for sellers to apply to their stores, Etsy have offered a promotional tool on your shop dashboard that you can use to set this up. If you already have shipping profiles set up on your store, you can also use these to make the shipping changes and apply them in bulk to your listings.

So what does this mean for Etsy sellers? Of course offering free shipping will mean you have to build the shipping price into the price of your items. Shipping is never really free! Etsy have advised sellers to increase their selling prices and make the shipping free. If you are a US Etsy seller this is quite a simple process. Remember Etsy will charge you seller fees on everything, including any shipping costs so you need to add on this fee if you don’t want to be out of pocket on your shipping.

For Etsy UK sellers that want to offer free shipping to the US the process can be a little complicated. The cost of shipping to the US is often much higher than shipping to the UK or Europe and this can cause a big discrepancy in your prices. This would cause your UK and European customers to have to pay higher prices for your products. 

To combat this problem Etsy brought out the country specific sales tool in August 2019. This allows you to set sales on your Etsy store that only apply to certain countries. You can set up the prices on your store with the free US shipping built into the price of the item. Then you can set a country specific sale on your store that only shows up to UK customers, discounting the price of your item to allow for the lower shipping costs to the UK. This ensures UK customers are being charged fair prices. 

To read more information about the shipping changes you can refer to this article in the Etsy seller handbook:

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