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How to become an eBay Top Rated Seller

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

As an eBay seller your customer service standards are monitored. eBay uses this to determine your seller level. Seller levels are automatically evaluated every 30 days. There are three seller levels: Top Rated Seller, Above Standard and Below Standard.

How do you check your seller level?

To check your seller level, go to the main seller dashboard or seller hub. Click on the Performance tab. Here you will see your seller level displayed and eBay’s evaluations of all your seller activity.

Why does it matter?

eBay accounts that fall below standard in performance can be restricted or even closed. eBay also uses your seller level to determine your rankings in the search results. The higher your seller level, the more advantage you will have in the search results on eBay. An eBay Top Rated Seller will rank higher in the search results. A high seller level is also more attractive to potential customers and can persuade them to buy from you.

What does eBay measure to determine your seller level?

  • Defects: the number of defects on your eBay account will affect your seller level. You want to keep this number as low as possible.

  • Cases closed without resolution: this is when a buyer opens a case against you on eBay and you are found to be at fault or the case is not resolved.

  • Late delivery rate: The percentage of your items that were delivered after the expected delivery date.

What causes a defect on your eBay account?

  • Cancelling a sale due to being out of stock.

  • Refusing a sale that the buyer has already paid for.

  • Cases: buyers can open cases against you on eBay if they are not satisfied with their purchase or they are not happy that the issue can be resolved with you directly. It is always better to try to resolve any issues with the buyer directly e.g. by giving them a refund or sending a replacement. Otherwise the buyer may decide to open a case with eBay because they are not satisfied.

  • A buyer can open a case against you on eBay for several different reasons including: the item was not as described, the item is faulty, the item did not arrive. If a buyer opens a case against you and you are found to be at fault you will get a defect on your eBay account. It will also count against you as a case closed without seller resolution.

How do I become a Top Rated Seller?

The transaction defect rate needs to be 0.5% or below. The number of cases closed without seller resolution needs to be 0.3% or below. The late delivery rate should be 3% or below.

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