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What are the benefits of hiring a UK Virtual Assistant in 2020?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

There are many benefits to hiring a UK virtual assistant and staying local. Hiring a native English speaking virtual assistant can be a huge asset to your business. Not only can it save you time and money, there is less likelihood of miscommunications occurring. It ensures a convenient, clean line of communication between the freelancer and the client. It is more convenient to contact your assistant because you can simply give them a call whenever necessary. There is no need to worry about time zones or work hours because your assistant is working in the same time as you. There is also less chance of spelling or grammar mistakes.

In the case of SEO or copywriting services the freelancer has a large advantage because their understanding of meaning, syntax and colloquial language is more sophisticated than a non native speaker.

If you are looking to hire an online customer service representative, your assistant will already know how best to talk to other native English speakers and phrase their responses. This provides a high quality service experience that your customers will appreciate.

There is also the issue of local country laws to think about when hiring a virtual assistant, such as data processing laws, cyber security and advertising laws. Laws regarding this can be very different in some other countries. When you hire local you have the peace of mind that your UK virtual assistant will be following the same processes as you and abiding by the same laws.

In many cases it is well worth the investment of paying a little more for a native English speaker because it can save you money in the long-term.

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