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What is an E Commerce Assistant?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

An E Commerce assistant or E Commerce virtual assistant specialises in providing support to businesses that sell physical products online. If you sell using online marketplaces such as Amazon, Amazon Handmade, Ebay, Etsy, Folksy, Shopify or your own website an E Commerce assistant could assist you in completing a range of different tasks. Hiring an eBay assistant or Amazon assistant could also be a huge time saver for your business.

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What tasks can an E Commerce Assistant help with?

  • Ebay Listing & Amazon Listing - Many E Commerce businesses do incredibly well selling their products on Ebay & Amazon but don't have the time to dedicate to constantly updating and adding new listings. Hiring a professional Ebay assistant or Amazon assistant could save you a lot of time so you can concentrate on more important jobs while those sales roll in. The same applies to other platforms such as Shopify, these data entry tasks could be easily outsourced.

  • Customer Service Support - E Commerce business often get a huge amount of customer queries. Instead of drowning in emails every morning, a virtual assistant can answer those queries for you and ensure you have satisfied customers that will keep coming back. E Commerce virtual assistants are already and familiar with how to use the interface of several different platforms. An Ebay assistant or Amazon virtual assistant could be a valuable asset to your team, keeping your reviews positive and your customers happy.

  • Amazon Product Description Writing or Amazon Copywriting -Amazon businesses often require excellent and informative product product descriptions that will capture the reader and sell their products. E Commerce businesses require someone who knows the description format for Amazon and can provide an SEO rich product description that will get their products found on Amazon. An SEO optimised Amazon description is a huge asset to any E Commerce business that sells products in large volumes.

  • Virtual Assistant Logo Design - E Commerce businesses need help with various different design tasks and may find it easier to get everything done in one place. For small businesses that are just setting up on Ebay, Amazon or other platforms getting a logo design or Ebay store banner design from your virtual assistant could be an affordable and hassle free solution. Virtual assistants can also help with other design tasks such as basic photo editing, resizing images and creating icons for marketplace platforms or social media.

  • Social Media Management- A virtual assistant can help you with tasks that relate to managing your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This could range from answering customer messages and responding to comments, post scheduling, design tasks and content creation, Facebook group management.

  • Virtual assistant SEO services - SEO is very important for getting your products found on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and other online marketplaces. A virtual assistant that specialises in SEO services can help with key word research for these platforms and optimise the organic SEO to ensure you have the best chance of your products being found by customers.

Where do I find a Virtual Assistant?

  • Word of mouth referrals - Do you network with other business owners? Other business owners you know may already be using a competent Virtual Assistant that can help you. A good place to ask for recommendations is also online business forums and business Facebook groups.

  • Business Directories - You would be surprised how many Virtual Assistants are listed in online business directories for your country and local business directories for your area.

  • Google Maps - Many Virtual Assistants have their business listed on Google maps and a simple search will bring up a number of results.

  • Local Google search - Searching "Virtual Assistant" + your city will bring up a number of results that are local to you.

  • Freelancing sites -It is true that there are many Virtual Assistants on freelancing sites. However you need to keep in mind with this option that the Virtual Assistant has to pay fees to the freelancing sites and therefore you may not get the best value for money or the flexibility you need payment wise. There are also many fantastic Virtual Assistants that have never used a freelancing site and by limiting your search to only those you are overlooking a large potential pool of skilled workers.

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