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What is Inkfrog and how can it help your Ebay and Amazon business?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Third party platforms are really helpful for making your listing process easier, streamlined and efficient. If you are serious about selling on Ebay and Amazon you may want to consider signing up to one of these types of services.

Third party platforms can be super helpful for Ebay and Amazon businesses, saving time and money. These third party platforms can be connected directly to your Ebay & Amazon accounts so that you can complete tasks remotely through their software interface. There are several different companies that offer these types of services including: Inkfrog, CrazyLister, Ally Commerce, Auctiva, BigCommerce and Codisto to name a few. You need to look at how large your business is currently and how many platforms you are likely to be listing on when making a decision about which platform to use. There are variations in pricing depending on how many platforms the software is compatible with and functionality. Some of the larger platforms such as BigCommerce are generally geared towards larger businesses and so start at higher price points.

If you are a small or medium sized business my preference is Inkfrog. They offer fantastic functionality with very competitive pricing which makes it affordable for the small business owner. If you are looking for value for money then they are a great choice. Prices start from as little as $11 per month. It is a well designed software and very responsive. The support team are also incredibly fast to answer queries and you can expect to receive a response within a few hours! The other one which is in a similar price bracket to Inkfrog is CrazyLister however their range of functions is not as good in my opinion. You are not able to set up shipping profiles on the actual platform and you have to go to Ebay to do it which I find quite inconvenient

Inkfrog allows you to sync your existing listings, publish new listings and make listing updates on Ebay and Amazon. The messaging feature allows you to contact customers without having to log into your Ebay account. It can save you time and money by streamlining the entire listing process and making it faster, you can manage all your shipping profiles and policies in one place. You can also easily copy your Ebay listings over to Amazon and make edits without having to input them from scratch. The inventory sync feature allows you to sync your stock levels across different platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, Shopify and Bigcommerce. When you become a member you have access to hundreds of free Ebay listing templates. There is also a template editor which allows you to design and customise your own Ebay listing templates to suit your branding with no coding required. It's also a great platform if you have employees or staff members because it allows you to set up staff accounts and give members certain permissions.

Inkfrog offers a 14 day free trial and many affordable plans to suit small and larger businesses. You can sign up and cancel at any time. For more information about Inkfrog and the services they offer visit

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